Terms and Agreement


This agreement is not binding until received and accepted by Gateway to Success Credit, from here on out referred to as GTS.  This writing is the full and complete agreement between GTS and client. It shall not be orally amended.  Processing will be handled by GTS, 969 S Village Oaks Drive, Suite 209, Covina CA 91724.


  1. Provide GTS with all personal credit information, credit agency reports, and/or authorizes GTS or its designee to obtain credit report on client’s
  2. Immediately notify GTS of any changes of address.
  3. Client must identify in writing all accurate information which they believe to be true. GTS WILL NOT dispute these items pursuant to the FairCredit Reporting Act of 1971.
  4. Client must immediately forward all correspondence received from the credit reporting agencies to GTS or its designated representative, and notify GTS if final credit reports have not been received within 60 days after the beginning of the GTS credit restoration processing.


  • A one-time Credit Consultation/Analysis/Set up Fee BEFORE commencement of GTS service
  • A monthly Credit Consultation Membership Fee is due on the 1stor the 15thof each month
  • Communication may be conducted by phone, in person, or by email throughout the credit restoration process and FICO enhancement for 6 months
  • NO CHARGE for credit restoration


During the evaluation and initial challenge process, GTS will review all credit information provided by the client; prepare an analysis, review it with client for accuracy and errors on report, letters challenging items appearing on the client’s credit reports which the client indicates are inaccurate, incomplete, obsolete, or unverifiable as per the fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971.  GTSwill submit transmittals of challenge letters within 5 to 7 business days, but not exceed 10 business days of receipt of credit information from client, after which, these evaluation/initial challenge services shall have been fully performed. GTS will follow up and review all correspondence received by the client from the credit reporting agencies, in preparation of follow-up challenges. GTS makes NO guarantee concerning improvements of the client’s credit history or FICO score, as both are dependent upon many factors beyond GTS control. If client provides what is requested in the “CLIENT AGREES TO” section and GTS is unable to improve the client’s credit profile, the client shall be entitled to a refund of the $250.00 dollars Credit Consultation/Analysis Set Up fee. Any questions concerning client’s personal credit profile may be answered by contacting GTS at 800-852-3696.  This agreement is valid until the client’s consultation membership is cancelled in writing to GTS. The cancelation notice can be pulled from www.gtscredit.com under forms.


I do hereby grant a limited power of attorney to GTS and any representative of their employ or designees for the express purpose of preparing and signing all documents written with the intent of challenging and/or verifying information contained in the files maintaining by the following client credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion.


In order to do this, GTS MUST have a copy of the following items:

__X__ Client’s Drivers License

__X__ Client’s Social Security Card

_____ Signed signature Authorization Form

These items must be given to the Client’s credit representative, via mail, email, or fax to:


969 S Village Oaks Drive Suite 209
Covina CA 91724
Ph: 800-852-3696 – Fax 866-399-8257

Until received, the process cannot move forward.

Client should receive all 3 agency reports directly from the 3 credit agencies in no more than 45 days after requested.  IF YOU DON’T, client must call GTS office immediately at 800-852-3696 or call your representative directly.  After GTS receives client’s reports, GTS will challenge all items immediately.  All results will be placed on client’s personal online credit portal.  When reports are received, please forward them to GTS at the above address.  If everything is not verified with proper documentation, GTS will continue to challenge any remaining adverse items. (THIS IS AN ONGOING PROCESS)

If client does not forward the credit agency reports or contacts GTS, GTS will assume everything was corrected and client is satisfied with the results.



GTS is required by law to inform clients of the policies regarding privacy of client information.  Therefore, GTS is providing client with a copy of this policy.


GTS collects private, personal information about client that is provided by client or obtained by GTS on client’s behalf with information client provided to GTS.


GTS does not and will not disclose its clients private (non-public) personal information obtained in its process to any third party, except as required by law.  No third party will obtain information about client from GTS without client’s written consent.


GTS retains records relating to professional services that are provided.  To safeguard client’s personal information GTS maintains physical and electronic copies on behalf of client.

If there are any questions, please contact GTS at: 800-852-3696.  GTS’ client privacy and GTS professional ethics are very important.


Client has the right to dispute inaccurate information in their credit report by contacting the credit agencies directly. However, neither client nor any credit repair company or credit repair organization has the right to have accurate, current and verifiable information removed from client’s credit report.  The credit agencies must remove inaccurate, negative information from client’s report only if it is over 7 years old. Bankruptcy information can be reported for 10 years.

Client has the right to obtain a copy of their credit report from a credit agency.  Client may be charged a reasonable fee.  There is no fee, however, if client has been turned down for credit, employment, insurance or rental dwelling because of information in their credit report within the preceding 60 days.  The credit agencies must provide someone to help client interpret the information in the credit file.  Client is entitled to receive a free copy of  credit report if they are unemployed and intend to apply for employment in the next 60 days or if they are a recipient of public welfare assistance or if they have reason to believe that there is inaccurate information in the credit report due to fraud.

Client has the right to sue a credit repair organization that violates the Credit Repair Organizations Act.  This law prohibits deceptive practices by credit repair organizations and no fee should be paid for services not yet rendered to the client.

Credit agencies are required to follow reasonable procedures to insure that the information they report is accurate. However, mistakes may occur.

Client may, on their own, notify a credit agency in writing that they dispute the accuracy of information in their credit file. The credit agency must then investigate and modify or remove inaccurate or incomplete information.  The credit agency may not charge any fee for this service. Any pertinent information and copies of all documents client has concerning an error should be given to the credit agencies.

If the credit agencies reinvestigation does not resolve the dispute to client’s satisfaction, client may send a brief statement to the credit agencies, to be kept in the file, explaining why client thinks the record is inaccurate.  The credit agency must include a summary of the statement about the disputed information with any report it issues to client.

The Federal Trade Commission regulates credit agencies and credit repair organizations.

For more information, contact: The Public Reference Branch, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C.


  • Client must promptly provide ORIGINALS of any and all documents that pertain to the specific goal that is being worked on along with any correspondence received from the credit reporting agencies and creditors supplying information to those agencies, which relates to inaccurate credit report entries that are subject to challenge and verification pursuant to this Agreement within Fifteen (15) days of receipt thereof.
  • While this agreement is in effect, Client will NOT apply for any type ofcredit, including credit cards, car loans, or secured financing without written notification to, and consultation with credit consultant, at least 7 days prior to submitting the credit application.
  • Client understands that credit reporting agencies have NO obligation to remove accurate, verifiable information unless it is listed beyond the period of time in which it is lawful to report.
  • Client understands that credit repair is NOT and cannot guarantee specific results due to the fact that all results obtained are dependent on a variety of factors, some of which are outside the control of any organization, including client’s ability to repay creditors, the cooperation of client’s creditors, and the credit reporting agencies ability to verify information provided to them by client.
  • If payment is not received (for consultation time) the process will STOP on the date indicated on the payment plan billing option. A $10.00 fee will be applied to any late payment received after the due date, includes declined charge payments and returned check fee will be a $35.00 fee.
  • This process does NOT guarantee that client will qualify to do any type of purchase within the time that GTS is working with the file or after the process is completed, GTS is NOT responsible for the different type of guidelines that lenders/financial companies/ or decisions that are made by 3rdparty companies when client(s) go to apply for credit or the results of.  Purchase of home and auto or credit card applications.  GTS is NOT responsible for what GTS selling representative promises to client directly outside of what the application/agreement specifies.

Dispute Resolutions.  If a dispute arises out of this agreement, and if it cannot be settled by the parties, the parties agree to try to settle the dispute by mediation administered by the American Arbitration Association, “AAA,” under its Commercial Mediation Procedures.  If they do not resolve the dispute within 60 days, then, upon notice by either party to the other, all disputes, claims, questions or differences shall be finally settled by binding unappeasable arbitration administered by the AAA.  In any such proceeding, which must take place in the State of California, each party shall bear their own attorney fees and costs, the fees and costs of any arbitrator selected by them, and one half the fees and costs of any neutral mediator or neutral arbitrator.

I acknowledge that I have read the disclosures and would like to proceed with the agreement. I fully understand my responsibility in this program and acknowledge all my questions have been answered. I also understand and agree to the above stated terms of service and understand this is only an attempt to assist my credit profile.


Client may cancel this agreement without any penalty or obligation at any time prior to midnight of the fifth (5) business day after the agreement was signed.  If client cancels, any payment to GTS will be returned within 10 days following receipt of the client’s notice of cancellation.  To cancel this agreement, client can; fax, mail, email or deliver a signed and dated copy of this notice, or any other written notices to:

Gateway to Success GTS; 969 S Village Oaks Dr Suite 209, Covina Ca 91724